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                  It is a RJ45 network socket integrating R&D, production and sales, RJ45 sinker type, RJ45 patch type, RJ45 with network transformer 100Million/1000M products, SFP optical connector, D-SUB, HDMI. and memory card Block series products, etc. Products are widely used in network data communication, computer and electronic related products. For example: computer network card, wireless network card, network switch, router, set-top box, VOIP network phone system, computer motherboard, display and other electronic industries. The company has more than 300 employees and has strong technical strength and experienced engineers. Have a strong research and development team. Advanced manufacturing equipment and high-precision testing equipment. The equipment is equipped with sophisticated cutting-edge network analysis and testing instruments imported from abroad to ensure excellent quality, reasonable price, accurate delivery and perfect service. Ensure that we can deliver in a short time and provide complete magnetic component solutions and strong technical support according to your actual needs.

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